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True Key uses your unique features to sign you in without passwords.

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How it works

Password management is automatic

True Key auto-saves and enters your passwords, so you don't have to.


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How encryption keeps you safe

The True Key app protects your passwords by scrambling them with AES-256, one of the strongest encryption algorithms available. Only you can decrypt and access your information with the factors you choose.

Your privacy is important

McAfee respects your privacy. Your passwords belong only to you — accessible only by you. We never share or sell your data.

Multi-factor authentication, always

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is standard with the True Key app. You'll always be verified by at least two factors before being signed in. Customize your profile by adding more factors — the more you add, the safer your profile becomes.

Simple and secure

Signing in can be as simple as using one factor that you choose — like your Face, Fingerprint or Master Password — on a device you trust. When not on a Trusted Device (a friend's phone, hotel computer), you'll be verified by two other factors you've chosen.

Start today, and store 15 passwords for free


Every True Key account comes with the full feature set, syncs across all your devices, and lets you store 15 passwords or “Logins” for free. Need more space? Upgrade to a Premium subscription from your desktop.

15 Passwords
Unlimited Passwords *

* The True Key app supports up to 10,000 Logins or passwords


Ways you can sign in


Log in faster, with your Face. The True Key app measures your unique facial math to sign you in with a look. Combine it with other factors for added security.

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Fingerprint *

Use your device's fingerprint reader to sign in to the True Key app with a touch.

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2nd Device

Use a mobile phone or tablet as an additional factor. When you sign in on your PC or Mac, the True Key app sends a notification to your iOS or Android 2nd device - just swipe the screen on your 2nd device to verify it's you.

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Master Password

The only password you'll need to remember and you're the only one who has it. In addition to using this as one of your choices for factors to log in, you will use it to log in the first time you add the True Key app to a new device.

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Verify it's you with the click of a link. The True Key app will send an email to your inbox - just click on the link to verify it’s you, as an additional factor.

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Trusted Device

The factor we always use, and you don't even have to think about it. The True Key app recognizes which devices are yours - and notifies you if a sign in is attempted on a device you haven't trusted.

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Windows Hello™

Log in using Windows Hello. Exclusive to the True Key extension for Microsoft Edge.

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* View devices that support fingerprint login here
Ways you can manage your info


The websites you use, organized and at your fingertips from the moment you sign in to your profile.

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Password Manager

Enter your login details once, and True Key does the rest. The app fills in your usernames and passwords and logs you in. It’s that simple, and that fast. So you can get to the places you want to go.

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Digital Wallet

Store credit cards, IDs, passport numbers and other sensitive info - the personal info you sometimes need, secured and accessible to only you from any of your devices.

1 1 1 1

Password Generator

Create long, strong passwords to protect each of your accounts. Your True Key app will remember them, so you don't have to.

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Additional features

Windows Face

Log in to your Windows PC with just a look. The same convenience as accessing your True Key profile, but for your entire Windows device.

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Local Data Encryption

All of your information is stored locally on your device, and encrypted with best in class encryption when synced to your other devices.

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Cross Device Sync

Use your True Key profile on all your devices - so you have fast access to the info you need on your computer, phone and tablets.

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Microsoft Edge(extension only)

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* Supports latest versions

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